Specialising in mapping features of interest from stereographic imagery

Utilising images acquired by generations of increasingly sophisticated aircraft and satellite remote sensing systems provides a cost-effective means of mapping geological, geomorphological, environmental and cultural features in diverse geographic environments.

Generations of images acquired over time facilitates modelling and monitoring of both causative and remedial effects on the physical environment.

Expert interpretation of stereographic imagery provides rapid and accurate mapping of a variety of features of interest over a wide range of scales.

Consulting services provided

  • Advising on the relevant solution to optimise the usefulness of stereoscopic imagery and its interpretation for client's requirements

  • Stereographic modelling and interpretation (mapping) studies for the following applications:

    • Geological (lithology, alteration, structure) interpretation using stereoscopic airborne and satellite image data (Manned and unmanned aircraft, LANDSAT, ALOS, ASTER, DIGIGLOBE, SPOT etc.) 

    • Geophysical products

    • Geomorphological

    • Environmental

    • Cultural

  • Integrated analysis of stereoscopically derived mapping products with complimentary map-based records (e.g. geochemistry) to highlight and rank relevant areas of interest (targets, anomalies, unique features etc.)

  • Provision of interpretation products in a range of formats suitable for use with GIS and Google Earth software applications

  • Comprehensive reporting