Independent Technical Assessment Report

An Independent Technical Assessment Report (ITAR) has been completed for inclusion in a prospectus to support an Initial Public Offering (IPO) to enable a listing on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). The report adhered to the VALMIN and JORC (2012) codes and took due note of the guidelines of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) and the ASX. The report described the prospectivity of the client company's key asset, an advanced precious metals exploration project located in Nye County, Nevada USA.

Regional stereoscopic mapping study using remotely sensed imagery completed

The accurate distribution of the principal geological units and the structures which affect them have successfully been photogeologically mapped from remotely sensed data over a large (50,000 square kilometre) area using a state of the art photogrammetric workstation. The resulting litho-structural maps show many features which have not been identified by earlier workers and have significantly advanced the geological understanding of the region. More specifically, areas of higher prospectivity have been highlighted which consider the nature and extent of the likely source rocks and the transport, deposition/concentration and preservation of the multi-national mining company's target minerals. This work, once validated by a stage of ground truthing will assist in guiding the field mapping and exploratory drilling.

Due diligence study completed on behalf of a private investment banking firm

A technical due diligence study was completed over a three week period on a shallow marine placer tin project located in Indonesia on behalf of a private investment banking firm. The study involved reviewing all the project data and records including relational databases, resource estimations, work programs and budgets etc., and included a site visit. The work involved the use of a relational database (MS Access), 3D visualisation and modelling of existing data (Vulcan) and detailed scheduling (MS Project).

Geomorphology Workshop

Successfully presented and participated in a multi-disciplinary 1-day workshop focusing on current and developing technological applications centred on the applied use of geomorphological investigations for placer-style mineral exploration. This workshop was conducted as part of a continuous improvement in-house training program run by a multi-national mining house. The applied use of integrated stereo photogrammetric and GIS/CAD applications was demonstrated.

Project due diligence on behalf of a leading adviser on global natural resources

Successfully completed a technical due diligence study on an advanced Archean shear-hosted gold project in Cote d'Ivoire. The study was centred on a semi-detailed review of proposed work programs and budgets designed to better define and expand the existing resource inventory. The work involved the use of a relational database (MS Access), 3D visualisation and modelling of existing data (Vulcan), detailed scheduling (MS Project) and spatial assessment using Google Earth.

Neural network analysis of multi-element geochemistry

Multi-element soil geochemical data was analysed using neural network software for a client undertaking exploration for precious metals. Significant elemental associations known to typify certain mineralisation styles were identified and areas of relative prospectivity were delineated. The resulting data were post-processed using industry standard GIS software and imagery suitable for both internal and external stakeholder interest was generated. 

Integrated photogeological and 3D modelling study successfully completed

The study successfully delineated the aerial extent and relative thickness of a sequence of sub-horizontally layered sediments and volcaniclastics targeted by an international mining company for its mineral endowment, across a substantial area using remotely sensed imagery. As the features were captured in 3D while being view stereoscopically using a digital photogrammetric workstation, 3D geological models were constructed from which approximate unit and overburden thickness metrics were able to be estimated. The study also provided a series of maps showing relative prospectivity and numerous targets were highlighted for follow up investigation.

Integra Gold Challenge - Top 20 finalist

Gavin Daneel & Associates joined up with GEOWIZ Consulting and participated as the "GeoWizards" group in the Integra Goldrush Challenge.  The Integra Goldrush Challenge was one of the largest mining industry focused crowdsourcing analytical challenges ever created, consisting of more than 6 terabytes of digital mining and exploration data, spanning more than 75 years of mining activity and 9 million ounces of gold production in the Val-d'Or district of Quebec, Canada. 1,342 participants from 83 countries competed for a total prize consideration of CA$1 million by submitting their proposals as to where to find the next big gold discovery. The GeoWizards group is proud to have been selected as one of the Top 20 finalists for their proposal and awarded a CA$10,000 prize, from which Top 5 finalists were selected and an eventual winner declared.